jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010


A few days ago, my familia,boyfriend& I went to this town called Querétaro here in México...amongst other things, we went to some friends´s house and stayed the night over.

We met these friends while living in the Netherlands...the son was in the same class as i & i took dance lessons with the daughter...we were really good friends.

Anyway,since the moment we walked inside their house, i felt so much nostalgia...it was as if we had gone back to their house in Holland: the decoration, the sounds...it was all so cousy!

I have to confess that my best years have been from 1998-2002, period in which we were living in The Hague. We actually got there in 1996 but the first two years were a disaster for me so i don´t really count them.
Around 1998 i transfered to the International School of the Hague (leaving the french lyceé) where i met so many interesting,funny and great persons..not only french people but indonesian,pakistanian,spanish,mexican,brazilian...so much to chose from.

Yes...my best years...Spanish Trip, starting to smoke(haha at least for a while), trip to Belgium with Audrey&Paolo, first parties, Bar&Boos(haha this "bar"we used to go), going out with a scotish boy from another school...SO MANY GREAT MEMORIES!!!

I´m not complaining about my life now...it´s just that back then everything seemed to easy...no great worries...so much fun...so much knowledge...so many extraordinary adventures.

Visiting our friends made me realise how much i´m starting to miss that life we had...being a diplomat´s kid...travelling so much,getting to know people,visiting so many places...

I don´t know...maybe some day i will go back to that life and bitch about it...

I just know i feel like going back to Europe and see my friends again...and pretend nothing has changed...or even better, realise it has and make new memories.


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